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Bharat's Kasmir Honey (small bee)

From the valleys of Kashmir comes a superfood that will wrap you up in its luxurious taste and keep you coming back for more.

This is the Bharat Kashmir Honey, extracted from the exotic Kashmir’s Acacia Flowers untouched by the city pollution or contaminants.

The minimal pollen content gives Kashmir honey an appealing texture and its unprocessed nature makes it the preferred choice for herbalist.

Bharat Kashmir Honey, with its irresistible taste & aroma continues to be a ‘honey of choice’ for honey lovers.


About acacia tree:

The Acacia tree, with its exotic slightly pink to white flowers, is unique to the Kashmir valley.

Flowering is during Mid-month of May, for a period of 10-15 days. The Acacia flowers brim with nectar attracts the honey bees in hordes. Beekeepers migrate during this period and keep bee boxes in the areas rich in acacia plantations to collect acacia honey from flowers.


Honey bees in Kashmir valley:

 Apis Mellifera( domesticated bees) is the major source for Kashmir Honey.

Other honey bees like Apis Dorsata(rock bee) and Apis florea honey are not present in the valley because of the climatic conditions.

Apis Cerena Indica is another native honey bee which is domesticated by locals as non-migratory beekeeping. But this conventional non-migratory beekeeping practice does not contribute much to the production of honey.


Unique characteristic features of Kashmir honey:

  • Light colour honey: There is a popular misconception of light-coloured honey being superior to dark coloured honey. The light-coloured Kashmir Honey thus enjoys popularity.

  • Sweeter than other honey:  The minimal amount of pollen in the Acacia flowers rendered the Acacia honey sweeter as compared to other kinds. This taste seems to attract children a lot.

  • Delicate exotic aroma: Kashmir Honey, with its delicate taste and exotic aroma casts a magical web over anyone who tastes it. You can never go back to any other honey again.

  • No Crystallisation: Acacia honey Does not crystallise Or crystallise only partially at the bottom of the container. Partial crystallisation can be attributed to the incidental presence of nectar from other flowers in the adjoining regions or presence of honey in the Bees boxes during migration from other areas.

  • Kashmir honey is organic: There are no big industries in the Kashmir valley. Hence it from pollution free area. Moreover, the Acacia is not a cash crop it is wild tree. There is absolutely no use of fertilisers or pesticides in those areas.

A lack of human intervention and pollution free environment make this honey Organic in nature



The Goodness of Bharat’s Kashmir Honey:

  • Bharat's Kashmir honey is highly beneficial for health. It has antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and many essential micronutrients which are extremely healthy for our body.


Kashmir honey for children:



  • Because it’s delicate aroma and taste, Children love this honey. It is the best Idea to replace harmful confectionaries with delicious Kashmir honey.


  • It can be used with milk, bread Chapati. Raw honey helps sooths the delicate stomach lining and help absorb various nutrients.


  • It can used as a topping on ice-cream and various salads. It keeps metabolism healthy.


  • Because of its sweetness, it can be a good and healthy replacement of harmful white sugars.


Health benefits of Kashmir honey


Kashmir valley is also very much famous for medicinal and herbal plants. Hence honey extracted from Kashmir region has significant medicinal value. It can be used in herbal preparation for better results.





  • It Acts as a natural energizer for people of all ages.

  • It rejuvenates the whole body.

  • It is good for the skin.  Helps in purifying blood.

  • It can be used to relieve symptoms of cough and cold.

  • Its antioxidants prevent many diseases

  • It calms your mind and has a sedative effect. It will give you sound sleep.

  • Helpful in the treatment of allergies.

  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Helps heal skin infections.

  • For burns, raw Honey is better than any antiseptics. ( proven scientifically)

  • Good for teeth and gums. (the only sweet which prevents cavities- because it is acidic and has an antibacterial effect)

  • Improves digestive system. Unlike other sweets which harm the delicate stomach lining. Raw honey soothes the stomach lining and improves digestion.




Feel free to go through the consumer feedback on amazon.in and make an informed decision.

Every label of the Bharat Kashmir Honey has a purity challenge on it, with a Rs 10,000 reward if the Bharat Kashmir Honey be proved adulterated.



Benefits of honey is compiled from various print and electronic media. Do not consider any part of this website a replacement of doctor’s prescription. Consult a physician for any symptom or disease.

Though we are fully responsible for the purity and quality of honey. We are true to our claim of 100% purity and its rawness, as evident from the presence of bee pollen and enzymes when analysed. But we are not authorised to give any health advice.