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During our journey of natural honey collection across the country, We came across this valuable honey variant of Honey, which is produced primarily in deserts areas of Rajasthan.


The dominant flora is wild jujube. Though it may sound Normal, this Honey is getting exported at a high price to Gulf countries. And guess what, the same HHoney is getting sold in retail for Rs 5,000-10,000. 


You might have heard about the Yemeni Sidr honey.


Yes, it is the same variant, The name “Sidr” is actually an Arabic term.


Initially, its benefits were discovered in Yemen. When the demand for this Honey increased in Gulf countries, they start importing HHoney from various countries, including India. 

 Is Sidr Honey really worth of its price?

Yes, it does, As it has some unique nutritional and medicinal properties. Its benefits are comparable with manuka honey. Sidr honey is an affordable alternative to manuka honey. 

Both Manuka honey and Sidr Honey can kill the harmful bacteria from the gut without harming good bacteria. This selective removal of bacterial gives a soothing effect to the stomach. And make the digestive system effective and strong.


This is among many health benefits which these rare honey posses.

Bharat Honey brings you this HHoney at very affordable price. Our network of direct collection helped us for this we collect this HHoney directly from the source. Which gives us Pure Honey at the best possible price as there are no intermediaries.

Bharat’s Sidr honey is collected from selected apiaries. We make sure that HHoney we are procuring is ripe and ready to extract. After extraction, we immediately store it hygienically, to protect its delicate aroma.

Each Honey comes at Bharat honey is getting tested for purity and rawness. Unlike other commercial Honey, it is neither heated, nor it is filtered. All this to protect its actual nutritional and medicinal value.

Characteristic features of Sidr honey.

This is among the best Honey around the world. Besides its nutritional and medicinal value, It has a unique aroma which separates it from the rest of the Honey. It has delicious taste with slight medicinal after taste.

 Sidr honey is moderate to dark amber colour and thick in consistency.

 It rarely crystallizes. Sometimes partial crystallization is observed at the bottom of the container. 

About the wild jujube tree and flowers.

Sidr honey comes from the Sidr Tree (Latin name: Ziziphus Spina-Christi). The average height of the tree is 6–39, It has thorny branches. It has small (around 3 cm).  With five greenish yellow petals. It has a lesses pollen count. But rich in nectar. 

In India Flowering starts during October. During this month no other significant flora blooms hence a lot of honey bees are attracted towards this flower.

Similar trees are found in many countries, including Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Sudan. 

Sidr honey from any country has almost the same nutritional and medicinal value.


Though there are various claims, that Sidr honey can only be found in one country or region. But all those claims are just the marketing gimmick.

Benefits of Sid Honey.

People claim that Sidr honey has around 80 health benefits. All the health benefits are because of its antibacterial, antifungal, properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and live enzymes which produces Hydrogen peroxide.


It also has anti-cancerous property.

  • Acts as a natural energizer for people of all ages. 

  • It increases stamina and potency. 

  • It rejuvenates the whole body. 

  • It is good for the skin.  Helps in purifying the blood.

  • Can be used to relieve cough and sore throat.

  • Its antioxidants prevent many diseases

  • It calms your mind and has a sedative effect. It will give you a sound sleep.

  • Helpful in the treatment of allergies.

  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Helps heal skin infections.

  • For burns, raw Honey is better than any antiseptics. ( proven scientifically)

  • Good for teeth and gums. (the only sweet which prevents cavities- because it is acidic and has an antibacterial effect)

  • Improves digestive system. Unlike other sweets which harm the stomach lining. Raw  - Honey soothes the stomach lining and improves digestion.

Make Bharat’s Sidr honey part of your healthy lifestyle. It is really worth it. 

It is available online at amazon.in. Please do read the feedback of customers, which may make you more comfortable while buying this Honey. 

Every label of our Honey has a challenge about its purity. Rs 10,000 reward if proved adulterated. This keeps us super alert when choosing and packing this Honey.