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Bharat's Multiflora Honey

​Eating Honey straight from the hives is an exceptional experience enjoyed by a rare few. Well, according to testimonials on amazon.in, some of those experienced the very same sensations of aroma and taste from a drop of the richness of Bharat Multiflora Honey.

Multiflora Honey is delectable honey from multiple floral sources, thus becoming a treasure trove of the best of nutritional properties, combined from the many sources of nectar.

The primary floral sources of Bharat Multiflora Honey include flowers from curry leave tree, bansa flowers, furly flowers and starflowers.

Our direct procurement from the source made possible for us to declare the flower source. Our claim can be cross-checked by pollen count test under the microscope which is done at CBRTI (Pune).


Characteristics of Bharat Multiflora Honey


  • Taste, Colour and Aroma

    The 100% raw Bharat Multiflora Honey is amber-coloured honey, It has a rich taste and delicate aroma.


  • Rich in bee pollen & enzymes

This wild forest honey is packed without heating or ultra-filtration; hence the honey is full to the brim with probiotics enzymes and bee pollen, adding to its organic nature.

  • Crystallisation

Like any raw honey, Bharat honey may also get crystallised, especially in cold weathers.
If crystallised, keep in warm water or sunlight.

Exceptional Nutritional Value of Multiflora Honey

Because of multiple flowering sources and its rawness, Bharat Multiflora Honey is popular among herbalists.

1.Health Benefits of Bharat Multiflora Honey:


  • Curative

  • Relieves cold, cough, and sore throat.

  • Rich in anti-oxidants, Multiflora Honey helps cure cardiovascular diseases.

  • Helps cure and soothe injuries and wounds better and faster.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help in skin infections.

  • Natural sedating agent; calms the mind, helps get a sound sleep.

  • Allergy treatment.

  • Honey is a natural antiseptic for burns.

  • Nutritive

  • Being mixed flower honey, it exhibits higher nutritive value.

  • Boosts health and immunity.

  • Boosts vision power.

  • Raw Honey soothes the stomach lining and improves digestion.

  • Good for teeth and gums. In spite of being sweet, its acidic nature has an anti-bacterial effect and helps defeat cavities.

  • Preventive

  • The anti-oxidants in raw honey have anti-ageing and anti-cancer properties.

  • Routine use of raw honey can prevent many infectious and lifestyle diseases.

2. Honey for weight loss:

​Bharat's Multiflora honey is a suitable health supplement for weight loss and different dieting plans,
It may be used in the following ways.


  • Take two teaspoonfuls of Bharat Multiflora Honey every morning in an empty stomach, with or without lemon. Take it after your morning jog/run. It will suppress your hunger and keep you energetic all day long.


  • Whenever you feel weakness during the daytime, take a sip of fresh Honey mixed water. It is a natural energiser.


3. Honey -a Superfood for a healthier lifestyle.

It's a proven fact that the routine use of natural Honey will contribute a lot to your healthy lifestyle.

  • ​Use it to sweeten your green tea. Honey is a better alternative to the heavily processed sweeteners which are harmful and fattening. 

  • Use on bread or chapatis. Natural Honey has a soothing effect on the stomach lining and improves the process of digestion. Adding natural Honey to the diet may solve your stomach problems arising from excessive use of processed food.

  • Take a spoonful after every meal. This "Kuch meetha ho Jae" routine may help a lot in the digestion process. A daily dose of antioxidants helps the body to check free radicals.

  • Replacing confectionaries with natural Honey. Children are using a lot of confectionaries these days, which is damaging the delicate stomach lining, causing indigestion and malnutrition. Natural Honey helps in the absorption of nutrients from food.

  • Use natural honey in preparing sweet dishes. The desired taste remains unaffected if 30-40% of the sugar quantity gets replaced by Honey.


The shelf life of Raw Honey (No expiry)

Honey has an exceptionally large shelf life, lasting almost thousands of years. Honey found in the Egyptian pyramid was edible even after 3000 long years.

As such, the Bharat Multiflora Honey does not have an expiry date the label says ‘’No expiry’’. There are of course certain conditions that need be fulfilled for proper preservation of the Honey.

  • Honey should be stored in a glass or stainless steel container if longer storage is desired.

  • It should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight.

  • Keep the honey in an airtight container. If it gets exposed to air and the RH is above 48%, it might attract water and get fermented.

  • If it crystallises, there’s nothing to panic about. Honey preserves itself in this crystallised form.

  • If the colour darkens, it is due to a hot atmosphere through Millard’s reaction or HMF raise.

  • Unless extracted from the wild bees under extremely hygienic conditions, Honey tends to ferment. The Honey needs to be squeezed out skilfully – an art is itself perfected by Bharat Honey.


​Purity of Bharat Multiflora Honey

  • Bharat honey is Agmark certified Honey. Every lot of our Honey gets scrutinised in the Agmark laboratory for its purity and quality.

  • Each bottle of Bharat honey has a unique number issued by Agmark authorities, a feat unparalleled by not even the biggest brands in the market.

  • Bharat Honey provides authentic information about advanced testing parameters to check purity of honey. This empowers consumer to cross check our quality in any food laboratory around the world.

  • We offer a reward of Rs 10,000/-, plus all the laboratory charges if any of our honey bottles are found to be adulterated with synthetic or fake Honey.

  • We have a ‘No questions asked’ return policy if you buy it from amazon.in.