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Head Office: 
Bharat Unani Pharmacy
Plot no 20, Mailardevpally IDA
Hyderabad, Telangana 500005
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People in old times used to consume natural honey straight from beehives. Then came the age of industrialization when honey became a victim of mass production. Honey had always been an amazing product, and its demand has always been higher than its supply.


When commercial interests took over, "natural honey" was replaced by "synthetic honey" and/or "processed honey" and today honey has become nothing more than sugary syrup. Slowly, people forgot the value of natural honey.

With Bharat Honey, we took the pledge to change this situation and bring back the actual value of natural honey to the households of India.


How it all started?


Bharat Honey's journey dates back to three decades ago when we started collecting natural honey from tribal areas and supplied it to the urban areas. The urban market had a huge demand for pure honey. When we shifted to urban areas, we realized that the market was flooded with synthetic honey.


The adulteration was so widespread that people had no other choice than buying and consuming synthetic honey.


When we started selling, People started loving our natural honey to a huge extent. Soon this side business turned into a full-time business which led to the creation of Bharat Honey.


The roots of the business were established with only one vision; to serve our customers with 100% pure honey in its most natural form possible, which is ideal for medicinal use. It's been more than three decades of our operation, and we can proudly say that we stand true to our promise, to this day!


Today, we are proud of the fact that due to our honey's purity, and our process of maintaining it raw & natural, it is actively being used for medicinal purposes. And many herbalists are our loyal customers, And they recognized Bharat Honey as Ideal honey for herbal medicine preparation.


The best part of our process is that we do not disturb the bees in their natural habitat while procuring the honey. We remove only that part of the beehive which has honey, without disturbing the larvae and pollen. This technique helps us procure high quality, uncontaminated honey.


How are we different?


As our family business expanded into a Pan-India business, members of the family started travelling to all parts of India to source the best honey.


Till today, we don't rely on intermediaries to source our honey. Instead, we visit the tribal areas, teach the tribal people our processes and procure the honey directly from them!


Our journey led us into discovering that each area's honey is different in terms of taste, aroma and colour! Because each region has its own unique set of flowers!


This segregation of natural honey gave us a unique identity in the market. Because synthetic honey producers could never provide this kind of variety, and thus, we became the market leader in this segment.


Apiary Honey: The pure honey from man-made bee boxes


Our travels also led to the discovery of another method to procure natural honey called apiary honey.


Apiary honey is extracted from man-made bee boxes. Earlier as a general perception, we use to think that the apiary honey cannot be as natural as wild bee honey.


However, as we went deeper into the process, we found that only the boxes are man-made; the honey itself is just as pure as honey procured from natural beehives.


These bee boxes are man-made homes for bees where they store the honey collected from the neighbouring flowers. The process is the same except for the fact that they live in a bee box rather than self-made beehives.


This method enhances the volume of honey produced as the boxes can always be shifted to a new spot as the flowering season ends. Moreover, honey produced this way is extremely hygienic.


Why Bharat Honey?


Bharat Honey is handled in a way that preserves its qualities. At Bharat Honey, we neither heat nor ultra-filter it. From extracting honey, till packing it for consumers, we make sure that the original taste and aroma is not disturbed. Additionally, we ensure that the enzymes and bee pollen are kept intact.


When we say that Bharat Honey is honey at its purest, we mean it. Unlike honey produced by other companies, our honey is free of invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup or rice syrup; it has no adulteration whatsoever.


Our honey will pass the purity test conducted by any laboratory around the world. In fact, we offer a reward of Rs 10,000 to anyone who proves that Bharat Honey has any adulteration. We are that confident!


We are not just providers of pure honey; we are the honey specialists who love what we do. What sets us apart is that we have managed to stay natural in a world where synthetic and/or processed honey dominates the market!


We are proud to claim that, with each passing day, we are achieving new heights of sourcing natural honey by exploring new areas. Customers trust us because when it comes to natural honey, Bharat Honey is the name one can bank on!