About Us

Dedicated to pure honey Since 25 years

Since two and half decades we are into the business of honey, we use to collect honey from tribal people (who collects honey from Forest Areas) and supply it to wholesale Honey dealers. A decade back we started packing for the consumers.

Taking more information from CBRTI (central bee research and training institute Pune) and from honey conference 2006( quality control and buyers sellers meet). Learnt more and more about proper procuring and handling of honey to improve the quality and got updated about the possible adulterations and tests to identify them.

We have worked hard for searching direct sources of honey all over India . Now we have developed a reliable network for procuring honey with no/least middle men, which gives us most genuine quality honey .We travel all over India round the year in different states like Karnataka, Uttaranchal, Punjab, UP, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir to procure directly from source. To avoid even he slightest doubt about purity of honey.

We pack good quality natural honey (ideal for medicinal use) which is properly harvested and handled hygienically. As the color , consistency aroma and taste vary area wise according to nectar source . Even our brand BHARAT HONEY may be different from lot to lot .do not expect same honey round the year. But we take full responsibility of purity of our honey. We have kept 10,000 rupees reward for proving any adulteration in our honey in any reputed laboratory.

Advise and Caution


The main cause why the fake honey and synthetic honey is freely available in the market is because people rely on conventional method of testing honey. Even though many sophisticated laboratory test are available. Which can identify even a smallest adulteration, but many people are unaware of it. Conventional method of testing honey is based in the physical nature & moisture content of given liquid.

The fake & adulterated honey in the market passes most of the age old methods (conventional) of testing honey. As the makers of fake honey copy the physical nature of honey. Few of the fake honey available in the market appears superior than the pure natural honey as they appear more shining, more thick liquid & more attractive color. But it cannot pass even the preliminary tests framed for analysis of honey in the laboratory.

The problem of adulteration is not limited to the local area, state or country it is a global problem. The need of the hour is to know the most advance method of testing honey & utilize it to get the most genuine honey & there by its health benefits.


Types of Honey

Crystallized Honey (Granulated Honey)

Crystallized honey is a honey in which natural dextrose content has spontaneously crystallized from solution of monohydrate.

Pasteurized Honey

Pasteurized honey is a honey that has heated in a pasteurization process (72 degree centigrade and above). Pasteurization process destroys yeast cells, it will also liquefy micro crystals in honey (which promotes crystallization process by forming nuclei of crystallization). Hence delays the onset of crystallization process .

Strained Honey

Honey has been passed through mesh material to remove particulate material (pieces of wax , propolis and other defects)without removing polles ,mineralas and valuable enzymes.

Ultrafiltered Honey

Honey is passed through a fine filters under high pressure to remove all extraneous solid and pollen grains.The process typically heats honey to high temperature ( more than 77 degree centigrade) to more easily pass through a fine filter . Ultra filtered honey is very clear and has longer shelf life . It will crystallize very slowly making it preferable for super markets.

Whipped Honey

It is also called creamed honey ,spun honey ,churned honey ,candied honey or set honey (in u.k). Honey has been processed for controlled crystallization and whipped honey contains a large number of small crystals which prevents formation of large crystals (which can occur in unprocessed honey) . The processing also produce a honey with smooth spreadable consistency,in short honey is deliberately crystallized for easier use.